Structural Design Engineer

Structural Design Engineer


Job Requirements:

1. Familiar with the quality system, have a systematic understanding of quality management, and have certain ability and experience in the construction, compilation and maintenance of quality systems (ISO9001, TS16949, etc.);
2. Understand the new product introduction process, master APQP, FMEA, SPC, PPAP, MSA and have practical application experience, and have a deep understanding and experience in the preparation of product quality documents;
3. Proficiency in the use of statistical analysis and quality management tools such as QC 7 methods, 8D, QCC, etc. to carry out work and solve problems; proficiency in the use of testing gauges and instruments (such as quadratic element/projector, salt spray test, X-RAY analyzer, etc. );
4. Good communication skills, strong sense of team, able to withstand pressure and endure hardships, energetic, hard-working, responsible and pursuing, able to independently promote the implementation of quality improvement and other internal matters.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for quality-related work in the product development stage;
2. Responsible for product safety certification

Company Benefits

Single and double holidays, five insurances and one housing fund, holiday benefits...

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Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New District No. 68, Yuhai East Road

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